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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for translations
Ordered this Lemfo LEM7 as follow-up of my LEM5 Pro. Supplied with Android 7, where the LEM5 Pro was 5.1. With Android 7 more options and settings. Having used it now a couple of days, the battery seems to last about 1,5 day with normal usage. With heavy usage, battery lasts only a few hours. No big deal breaker because a power bank is included. Also charging is between 1 and 2 hours, for me acceptable. Screen is 400x400, for the watch good enough. Lower resolution would make reading more difficult. Higher resolution would only drain the battery more. Watch comes with screen protector, I made mistake by removing, now bubbles. Delivery was 15 days, pretty quick from China to The Netherlands (Europe). In future will be available in other warehouses, too. Very happy buying from Lemfo again!!!
This AliExpress feedback problematic- once exit this screen restart again - very frustrating. Anyway- translator is good value except for missing out Bahasa Indonesia.- hopefully update next round. The translator speaker could be clearer- even at high volume- diction not that clear. Again it is still value buy.
The product is great..and works well. but the setup process is a pain. there is no manual and no explanation...and the tool firmware only speaks in Chinese all the time. so you have to use your google translater of your phone to understand the setup-steps and the installation-code needed. then it works great...
Hair is very nice. But It does shed. It colors very nicely. It’s only 130 density so i will be adding more hair to this unit. The hair came in a timely manner. And yes it did curl after washing it. It’s still very soft and they also sent some goodies with it, which is always nice! It doesn’t have comb in the back so I added a strap inside. I haven’t styled it or anything I just added pics so you can see color and length (12”)
very good seller!!! I sent my products to Kazakhstan DHL on the fifth day received a responsible all advise. Buying an electronic translator Travis is a quality product. five out of five points to him.