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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for treatment to
These are absolutely work. they smell different but whatever they are using absolutely takes the pain away but only in the specific place that you put the patch. I have a pain disease known as ehlers-danlos syndrome and when I have a pain that I just cannot bear, I put one on there and within an hour or so, the pain is gone and I leave it a full 24 hours and the pain stays gone for a week or more at a time. This patch comes HIGHLY R ECOMMENDED!
The package came in 2 weeks. Got also a little gift from the seller. Packed very well. Patches smells nice. Can’t wait to try it. About effect I’ll update later. Thanks to seller! And definitely recommend!!! ;)
This is a perfect way to clean while traveling. You use much less paper and feel refreshed. Put this bidet and a small bottle of water in your bag and you´re ready for any facility you come acro
I have not tired this away from home yet! But in home use is pretty good. The cap has to be tightened really well or it will leak. You must use pretty much the whole bottle to get the best cleaning ef
These things are great! If you can´t have a regular bidet toilet seat or if you´re traveling, this is the best butt washer! This was my 2nd one as the first one developed a leak in the met