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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tube you video
I gave the order 19-3 and I received the parcel 5-3. The 14 day interval because transport is very good and very fast. This is the first time I happen, I hope next time. The object responds fully to the description and for the chimney visual inspection I want it to fit perfectly. Windows software works perfectly, but it only works for a few seconds on android.
Came sooner than I expected, well packed in styrofoam. Product is as described with micro USB to USB reduction, magnetaddon, mirror addon and hook addon. Everything works fine. Good quality of camera image (resolution 640x480), LED lights works good too. Downloaded CameraFi app for android and ViewPlayCap for windows. Both apps run smooth and without any issues. Good product for good money.
Works decently well. LEDs get warm to the touch after a bit and it lacks any auto-focus abilities but otherwise very handy. Can be hard to find a decent app for it to work with
Delivery to the EU took 16 days, the package got some hits, but the content is ok. Camera works fine, as described, user manual is in English, so is the app. I am satisfied.
I haven’t tried it on a phone, neither on Android nor iPhone. But, I bought it to use it connected to a MacBook Pro and it works just fine on PhotoBooth. The quality of the image is not exceptional but didn’t expect it. The images captured at very short distance, 2-3 cm are clear. I like it, thanks!