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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tv control
Received! The seller is not fair, does not extend the period of protection! Just closing the order. Wanted to put 3 stars for dishonesty, but a very quality product.When ordering, pay attention to it.
It suited the description, delivery was fast. Everything worked as planned, the connection was super easy and fast. Batteries included. Putting the phone in for the first time with the cushions is a little tricky, but after you figure it out, it works wonders.
Bluetooth reach is very short. Wanted to use it with my laptop or Raspberry Pi connected to my tv, less than a meter away from the seat. The signal drops after getting about 30cm away from the laptop, and intermittently drops and reconnects with the Pi under 1 meter away. Otherwise, it's built ok (apart from bad feeling triggers) , but useless to me really.
came in 12 days. postnl was fast store gave order late to cargo. i connected to pc with usb stick or bluetooth so maybe u dont need usb stick too. packaging not best but came unharmed. i tried all devices ios,android, pc worked for me.
Received in around 20 days, very fast shipping. Wonderful product, protects the remote and gives a classy look. Used 1000w Hair dryer to shrink the cover. Only Con is- When you want to replace batteries, you have to tear them off. So buying some more from the seller for later use. Recommended Product, Recommended Seller