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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for u2c
I live in Israel Opinion 1. The converter arrived within two weeks 2. Fast connection to TV without any special problems (instructions in Russian can be easily changed to English) 3. Collect all channels of the age 4. I do not use an antenna We have an antenna on the roof (lives on the fourth floor) 5. There is a problem with the remote control - when I press 1 the screen does not jump to channel 11, but it needs to constantly skip Until you reach channel 11 Total worth the consideration All the best
Fantastic gadget. I bought this machine as a back up in case cable tv fails. But i had to buy an antenna. Just 3 euros on ali. It works fine. Teletext is still a mystery for me. There is only a russian user manual. But it is an easy lay out on your tv. And the first choice is choosing the language on the settop box