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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for up to data
Received in good order. The unit is working well on my 2017 Pajero (Right hand steering). And for sure it is very easy to install it. Attched please see some pictures that I have shot while driving.
The order came very fast! It was very well packaged (no damage to the package). It was packaged in 3 layers of foam and 2 plastic bags. Had no problems with customs. Need to test the item but I think it will function excellent! 100% satisfied.
yes i have received the product today 14 May 2018 and thereafter immediately i have used the is ok.however i do not know how the modem will perform in future.
Fun fact is that the "black with green EL wire" cable actually has a bluish white EL wire and some layers of green insulation on either side of it, but not in the middle. This effect in my opinion looks even better than it being actually green, but I think that not everyone will share my opinion on it- it's not really green after all and someone might end up disappointed.