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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for us bank
The product is more than wonderful but there is delay in shipping took more than a month due to shipping from Belgium to Saudi Arabia Seller treated very sophisticated and thank you all
Led brightness is so good. I really like the product but only the thing is I am thinking about to use it on my car audio USB to light down surface but it is not possible. It lights not the ground :) Maybe they can make another way option, too.
it came pretty fast, nicely and safely packed. i haven't tried it yet, just put for charging. i have a high-capacity power bank for travelling, but it's rather heavy, so i needed something really small and light to keep in the purse for a sos situation during the working day. this one looks exactly as i wanted it to be. hope, it works well for at least one charge
I'm really happy with this purchase. Product is awesome, looks great, made with high quality. Superb fast shipping, my fastest order on AliExpress - from ordering to receiving item in Poland it took just 2 weeks.
good quality, it works for starting the car. Tested the capacity: definitely not 26000mah as claimed. put load on clamps, 2.1A current draw (restricted by the smart clip), run on 29 minutes, from 100% to 40% remaining, far behind the claimed number. even using advertised number 15v ,1A ,3 hrs charge, how can it make 26000 mah ?? 3.5 stars