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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for usb extender for tv
It is working well for my projector.the HDMI usb kvm over ip extender is convenient for us to control the Blue-ray DVD by wired keyboard and mouse. It is perfect product. Fast delivery! Good communication with us! Good product for my use! Thank you again!
Great product and fast delivery! Task was to connect my high-performance PC on ground floor with big monitor on second floor. I use home LAN with gigabit switch and 100mbps wifi routers on each floor. tryed to connect KVM Tx and Rx just via home network, but result was choking wifi router to that KVM Rx on second floor was connected because KVM generates around 8MB/s stream and it is close to router limit. To avoid fludding home network by KVM I splitted wire with 8 cores on the ends to 2 with 4 ends and got 2 separate 100Mbps lines. One connected to router and another to KVM. Works perfect. Best quality of picture I got 1920x1080p@50 and 60Hz. Lower resolution gaves a little bit less artificials (example 1280x800), but it is OK with 1080p too. It is better to use separate mouse and keyboard instead of bundle with one USB dongle for both devices, as bundles more often stack and you need reconnect dongle to Rx module. Please find photos below.