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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for usb microphone laptop
Clear voice . I have been use this microphone 5 days since I got it. At first I just need a microphone for my laptop when I Skype with my family. When I got it and I try it also can connect with my iPhone . So surprised that it is useful for karaoke app!! It's simple to set up and easy to use. Another side, the size is not too big and good for carry out with my laptop.
Ultra fast delivery ! (1 week !!). For me, this is a use-and-trash headphone at very low price, because headphones -with me- don't last for a long time. So i buy this one because head band is flexible and will not break like cheap other ones. Residual problems is connectors and potentiometer. Time will tell how many month it will work with me ...
13 days. Works, but the sound level is low, even on maximum. There is no mic boost setting. So, it has to be kept within 20-30 cm from mouth. The cable is too short: 90 cm.
Works with Skype (OSX and Linux Mint 18.1) without need to install drivers. Haven’t tested audio yet but video quality is OK. With this price, very good product. Thanks for the seller! :)
Great device with good sound. Does what it says it does. The microphone on headsets works great too. Good sound input. Love the longer cable too, so it is not in the way. The buttons (pause, play, volume up-down) works too. I am very pleased. A cheap and easy fix on bad jack on computers/laptops. Recommended!