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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vacuum cleaner i intelligent robot
Shipped with which was really awesome. The seller replies to all messages and helped with a supplies order as well (extra brushes, mopping cloth, hepa filters) (not arrived yet though). The robot is a good helper. Corners are not a problem. Can be scheduled to clean a certain time every day. No problems with stopping at stairsteps. Thin carpets is no problem. Mopping is also very functional, leaving the floor just enough moist. I even used it wit a little soap in the water tank! The robot has voice messages to give you information about issues and what it’s up to. However, the messages are in a Chinese language (I don’t know which one of them as I sadly can’t understand a word). This became an issue and we had to solve a dispute because the seller appeared angry and we couldn’t agree on proper compensation. So as you buy, be aware that the robot only speaks one language that can’t be changed. Besides that, an awesome product.