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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vga holder
Hello, im very satisfied with the product delivery, but i have a problem that i cant connect the camera to the laptop or a TV screen. I need help with connecting the camera. I have tried VGA cable HDMI cable and VGA to HDMI cable but i cant get the imagen to screen.
Generally speaking, the product operates as expected: bright and sharp image, easy to use,fine optical adjustment. However, I must point out that locking the lens into the socket is not good enough: the single screw does't fit properly. Fortunatelly, this is easy to fix by reworking a little bit this screw. The second point, making a four stars instead of five, is the display arm socket: really not useable "as it", no way to make the mechanical stable. I've replaced the included screws by a couple of standard 6x30 mm bold to make a solid attach to the main support. Finally, a very usefull tool to make either visual control or assembly of PCB board: far better than the low cost magnifier !
Great product, good microscope magnification, focusing is excellent, adjustment and setup is extremely easy. Please note ! Product should be packed a bit better as outside polystyrene package was partially damaged on arrival. Please bubble wrap and use plastic bag before wrapping of electronic microscope parts, all before placing into polystyrene package. European expectations for received product conditions are high. Please pack according to above explanation on satisfaction of your future customers. Microscope came with ordered Aluminum holder and from functional perspective is really very good for amount I spent. Shipping service to Europe was in snap via Singapore Post. Thanks for great product and service.