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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for video
This product is very good! though had some trouble with drivers and resolution settings, but i soon got that all fixed. The product will either be a little rusty(I/O bracket) and you will have to have a air compressor or thermal paste since this is a used graphics card. after the cleaning, everything worked fine! Just make sure you seat the card properly into the motherboard or else you get a 2 code beep meaning, no video output found. Overall, I bench marked this with high settings and got roughly a 40fps average in Heaven Valley benchmark. I am loking forward again in the future to buy from you guys again! system specs gigabyte ga-f2a68hm-h FM2+ AMD Athlon X4 845 overclocked dual channel 4gb samsung ddr3 thermaltake 700watt psu 1tb WD HDD
Hey! I just got my GTX 750ti. So far it's working as expected. Fast Delivery. Few dust in the VC but it's in good condition. 5 Stars coz it arrived earlier than expected. Thanks to the seller!