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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vr with hdmi
My main reason for getting this VR is its HDMI IN socket. It works very well when I connect my ipad pro to the device via cable (you need to get the apple lightning to HDMI cable). It allows me to watch Daily Motion as if I were in a CINEMA, in a static movie style. Similarly I can manually connect an apple tv box to the device. However for some reason, I am unable to receive any signal from my CableTV Setbox...reason being is that the HDMI slot is originally designed to connect to PCs. Picture wise, it's not fantastically sharp but sharp enough for me. For 3D images, it allows me to turn my head to get a 360 deg view. However walking forward (or backward) does not bring you nearer to the 3D object, if you know what I mean. All in all, I am very satisfied with this device and the new experience it gave me. Zhang, Singapore.
I got the item very quickly, but the item did not work as it should and the screen was flickering all the time. I ask the seller for refund and he ask me to photo a video with the problem. After I send him the video that show clearly that the item is not working good, he still did want to refund the money to me. I had no choice and open a dispute and only then Ali express team made the refund to me after they seen the video. The seller told me to sent item back for refund. The item worth $6.92 ans shipping is $10 so he thought that I will give up on the refund. Don't trust that seller since in case of a problem you will have to open dispute for your money even if you are right.
The product arrived well packed, in good condition. The product met my expectations, but the USB Type C does not fit perfectly into the Galaxy S8. You need to force USB. USB Type C is millimetrically wider than the cell phone's input. Doing so may damage your phone over time. The HDMI output also does not fit perfectly. It is necessary to use force to fit it.
What I bought was the best price among the choices in the store. Since there was a thing called "cover glass" in the shop choice, I thought that the cover glass is naturally included in the highest price one. However, if you look closely, there is a cover glass picture, but the store does not write the contents including the cover glass. I noticed that I made a misunderstanding and purchased it. However, I feel it is difficult to spend two weeks to buy the cover again. If this store made items with glass covers the best option, how satisfied were I? However, there are no complaints besides that. I think that it is a very nice shop.