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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wall tv mount
Not very useful as with 15" monitor it bends so much that monitor turned to the side is rotated about 10-15 degrees to the side. I can not imagine this holding 27" monitor!
the clearance is kind if small and you might have some issues if you have a big tv. i had a 25" monitor and it was kind of hard to insert the screws because the wall mount is pretty small but it works great now. i.m considering buying another one
i ordered 32-70 version. quality of bracket is box weight: 7 kg. Packaging was bad - opened/broken kartoon box. Shipping company was really bad. Seller cheated me and used DPEX courier instead of DHL when i clearly specified. in our country it was delivered by SKY NET courier which charged me extra 6$ for customs clearance service(actual tax was 1.00$). i recommend buying this product from another sellers.
Product is good and as advertised. On delivery service, should ask the delivery company to call and arrange delivery date/time instead of just appearing. Luckily I was at home to receive during the delivery
Very quick delivery et nice equipment. But, app to be updated : notification is "alaram" instead of "Alarm" or "Doorbell". Lot of clicks necessary to let it work in background, impossibility to remove the password used for unlock. How can you adjust time on the camera screen ? As it is a very good product, I would like to help you on the ergonomic point of view which could be improved. Best regards, PhG