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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for webcam wifi
5 stars for the vendor who sent me messages to arrange custom and pictures of proof of good working. Tablet received very quickly and well packed. Concerning the tablet P89h if it could interest somebody: i recently bought a Chuwi hi8 and compare to it (and all others teclast/onda in 8"), this one in 7.8" only, seems bigger and is more pleasant to look video (screen is ratio 4:3 against those 8" in 16:9) . Of course, processor and storage are lower than chuwi/teclast/etc 8", but it is perfect for a child. With Android 6 compare to Android 5 on chuwi hi8. The speaker is not TOP, but still better than the chuwi 8". Actually, I am using this one more than my previous chuwi hi8 ! Happy of my choice and if somebody is hesitating between tablets for children (no need dualboot), I hardly recommend this tablet and this store.