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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wedding background
Highly recommended seller ordered 20pc from seller. Est arrival to SG abt 2wks as stated. Item arrived nicely in such packaging as image. Some what similar material to rice bag. no defects. will buy from seller again.
I have now ordered over 500+ of these flowers in all colours, and I am continuing to order more! Great quality and all the flowers are very similar if not the same! Delivery varies, I have had them arrive in a week, once I have had to wait 3, but it makes no difference as they always arrive in good condition!
Very beautiful looks even better in person but the odor is really loud and as given me a bad headache. It's not a bad odor it's just a loud one if that makes since. Items also came packed pretty well so there was no damage to any of my flowers. Colors are perfect.
I had ordered flowers from 4 separate suppliers on the same day before CNY and all suppliers except this one sent orders promptly. I had to chase my order only to be told it’s CNY now and I’d have to wait. I was a bit disappointed. Happy with quality of flowers so thank you for that. A bit disappointed there weren’t any wire stems included to attach my flowers to my flower wall. A bit hesitant about this supplier but I may order again in future and hope for a better experience as the flowers are beautiful:)
I have received my order in good condition and as described. So far, it looks good ... Looks like the picture ... But I have not tested it yet! ... I like it! ... Thanks! Thanks you for the good packaging and the quick delivery! Recommend this seller