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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wifi internet radio
The phone has been arrive. The style is excellent. However it's a pity couldn't sync with any chat app such as whatsapp, even wechat installed already but couldn't sync. Also for internet browser only serve by chinese language.
Everything is good. Sound is great and there is a lot of features that it posses. The bad thing is that it cannot support a few local stations in my country. Maybe with the update it will be fixed but overall the product is great.
The box is slightly dented, but the product is not damaged. The power plug turned out to be a US standard, the user's manual was exclusively in Chinese. The power supply is very large and heavy for its power. The product software does not have Russian, although it has Norwegian. Fortunately there is English. User's guide in Russian and English can be found on the Internet. The product is made very neatly, in all excellent quality. The product was bought instead of the Internet radio Ocean, which had a monochrome display turned pale before it was impossible to read. The product is superior to the Ocean by the neatness of the fabrication, the convenience of using the physically and comfortably software. This is a higher quality than the raw quality of the Ocean. I recommend the manufacturer and the seller.
Good quality. Good sound. Delivered in retail box with 3.5mm audio cable, USB cable and English manual. Works fine with Lenovo tablet and Samsung smartphone. But there is no change pairing this haedphones with a Samsung TV. Tested with two different TVs.
the item was sealed there was a carrier around the box. also the undamaged box with completely sealed no to the earphones ..... got let burn in . the sounds good , feel comfy to wear i'm glad it purchased would i purchase it again i sure would !