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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wifi phone
5 stars ✨ Easy to to connect with the app (much better then the q50 watch, that thing was useless) I love the easy slot to insert the phone simcard. GPS is not that good though but that's no problem because I have no attention to use it anyway. Volume is good and calling your child is working fine with a clear communication. I receive the watch (the Netherlands) withing 8 days, that's a new record for me.
For the price such a good product! I use it for work and every day use ! Fast and simple good battery life! Camera isn’t so good but I don’t use it so for me works fine.
It came few days ago, really fast delivery I just donť have enough time to test it. Device is working, it is not exactly very easy to set this up, but honestly, there is probably no way how to do it easier. Plug it into HDMI, than connect directly to web configuration, redirect to your AP, set style of connection for your phone, RESTART device, and than it will be OK and it works perfetly fine. Nothink to complain about, device is simply awesome and I can fully recommend it.
Many thanks to the seller, picked up the correct plug for my car, confirmed the sms that it is available. Fast shipping and delivery. Checked everything works fine. I recommend this store and the seller. Special thanks for the gift. In the future, I will order a second car for my wife. Successful business.
I never received my order (post office delivery issue or something else, that is not my problem) I open dispute but nothing more than an automatic message. No refund proposal, nothing. That is nothing else than stealing money!