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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wifi tv tuner
Store communication was great and at first, I received installation instruction with note to contact them if anything is unclear or in any case of help required. Ordered arrived in no time. Meaning that no-one ecpect to get anything from Chine to Europe within 5-6 days. Ordered match fescription and I would like kindly to recommend tis shop. Cheers !
Very good seller Fast delivery came in good packaging with all items Very good price I have not tried the item but it is recommended to buy from this seller very good and satisfied service
This music player was a perfect fit on my 2018 Creta. Looks great, sounds good with two pairs of component speakers from Kicker. The sub woofer gives life to the music with its mild but deep punch on the beats. Overall, am greatly satisfied with the product. The harness that was provided did not fit; however I was able to get an alternate suitable one at the local shop. The rear camera also did not fit but I modified it to fit my needs. Communication with the seller was great and prompt for the most part. Thank you!
the radio delivered in real time, great cooperation with the seller who helped with the official procedure at the Czech customs offices, excellent communication with the seller, I definitely recommend. thank you very much.
Tested at home, everything works well. SD and USB ports, wifi, gps, bluetooth, rear cam, dvr cam, microphones. GPS and Wifi good reception. The gps antenna receives well stuck in the glass or the dashboard Start very fast. The screen looks good. To improve, some own functions need a more current aspect. The terminal connector for the rear USB (and mic in) cables is difficult to connect and disconnect. The hole for the antenna is not centered but enters and fulfills its function. Tested in the car Radio reception is good and vision with sun light is better than PDA I have. Thinking about installing definitely in the car, in Spain the heat in summer is high and you will have to be aware of the temperature.