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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wireless head
better sound than akg wired ....amazed by this product ....on par with airpods...worth having even if it's occasional use ....great product clear and basey without distortion ....3db in ear is loud ...throw away your wires right here .neat charging unit (about the size of dental floss pack) 5* product ...Thank you to seller
Five stars feedback is for the super fast delivery, five star packing and its all component work, the output feedback is not possible at this stage, overall the product worth the price.
Everything ok. Package is a little bit damaged but toothbrush is fine and working. Colour matches to my order and the toothbrush looks pretty. Can't wait to use it! Thank you :) Only 3 weeks to Poland.
I ordered on 18.06 and received on 06.07 so for lebanon it is a fast shipping. I will write and additional feedback once i try it. But there was an adapter in the package - dont know if it's by mistake. Thank you seller.