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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wireless microphone video camera
I used this product for 2014 Subaru Forester. It worked well. Good quality. Wifi, OBD and other funtions worked also well. Really fast shipment. (around 15 days to Turkey) Thank you. (There is reflector sticker in package. Thank you for sticker as well)
I have a complaint.I received the item but the DHL people asked me to pay 55$ which I shouldn't pay. When I places the order it was mentionned that free shipment to lebanon with FedEx and DHL and only they charge 55$ to USA. So I'm not satisfied from what happened. And before receiving the item I contacted the customer service in Ali express, they said that DHL shouldn't charge me. Bcz they already paid 66$ from abroad.
Great, affordable Wireless setup. Comes with the correct 3.5mm 4-pole adapter to work with Android Smartphones. It's great that BOTH TX and RX units have a Volume adjustment control on them. The RX unit also has a Headphone monitoring jack. A little disappointing with the range though. So far, our tests have only gone up to about 20 meters before signal starts getting sketchy. We will mostly use this rig to film from the back of a lecture room, or conference room though - so range is OK for what we need.