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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wireless surround sounds
as a dutch national take into consideration that you might be picked out by customs. That may delay your package and will cost you another 23 euro. The product itself is nice
I wasn't expecting the items to arrive in NZ so fast and the quality of the headphones is awesome. We bought 3 sets. They were really well protected in the packaging as well. Thanks.
Recieved the package in a good shape. I'm pleased with the sound quality. 4 stars because I had to pay additional 70 dollars to local delivery which is working with tnt. Thats plus 70 dollars that was prepaid when I made the order... Kind an expensive delivery.
Very satisfied with the product. I will recommend it a thousand times to anybody at all. Its a fantastic product. I love the design, sound quality and all. The finishing is fantastic. Am loving it. 5 big stars.
Upper class, excellent quality !!! I recommend !!! 5 points !!! The sound is very loud when watching movies much louder than through PS4, I do not know why this is but it's quite enough to play for the eyes. Bedroom 4 on 3, pumps without problems, it is impossible to be if to make more loudly. Bass shakes, the top is good, as if you are in a movie theater. I am very glad