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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for x google
The hook and loop stickers don't stay attached very well. I stapled mine on. It's hard to precisely locate the lenses, but other than that this item is great for the price.
Good quality but not the same as original. White is not very white, but more like a very light grey. Chrome letters just a bit smaller than the cutouts and not perfectly aligned but all of these things can only be seen when looking at it from very close. Good quality for the price. Would recommend.
If you are using Nexus 6. This is a good choice for you. This case have 2 pieces. The first is hard case and the second is silicon, it is inside the hard case. The feeling is handy, your device will difficultly fall from your hand.
The Real Deal - Thanks for a Great Case I was surprised to find a genuine toiko product on AliExpress. I have former experience with the x-guard line So i already knew it's a serious case. Thanks you guys for a great product
Case feels fantastic, not slipery, fits good. Only problem with volume rockers because there is no cut out for them so it is difficult tot raise volume, press on/off... Otherwise this case was perfect.