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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for x3t
Earphones are amazing, they look great in ear and connect very easily. Sound is not amazing, but it is good. We'll see if the connectivity is good after some use, will test them out in the gym tonight. The item also arrived extremely fast, in under 14 days, and i live far away. Overall a great great buy for me, cheers.
REMEMBER TO BUY 3 mm FOAM TIPS. CHEAPEST AND BEST HERE : 16 pcs / 8 pair. ANJIRUI T100 3.0 mm 12.5mm insulation foam tips for in-ear earphone headset earphones enhanced bass ear pads to Clipboard I'm disappointed because X3T is the latest version. and now the size is much bigger! The previous model X2T was smaller and has a better sound with much better bass and greater detail and stereo perspective and airflow. Old X2T sound is not near hard and aggressive as X3T. Even after a period with app like "burn in", the sound in X3T does not really improve. Do not get me wrong, X3T is excellent for the price and probably among the best, but X2T sound better. In comparison, the new X3T has a tight but olso uncontrolled bas, lack of space and stereo perspective. My recommendation is therefore to buy the old and smaller X2T until a better version - proberly called X4T is ready.".. Remember 3mm foam tips..
Great earphones! Sound is very good; full volume and call controls (music and calls, next/prev songs, volume up/down on the left one and call controls on the right one) they come with four sizes of plugs ends (the medium ones don't fall out of my ears at all). I was worried they might be too heavy, they're not! Quite comfortable, in fact. Note: left and right are paired separately (you need to pair first one, then the other one, guess because you can use only one of the two).
Well, as the X2 it still has syncing problems for video. For listening to music, it's ok and indeed sound is nice. Do not recommend it for jogging as it does not stick to the ears for a run.
Aside from the fact that they only have chinese voice prompts, they're overall good quality earbuds with a good bass and stereo sound without those annoying sudden bluetooth delays. Also, the charger is awesome, I have been listening to music all day long without having to recharge it.