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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for xt20 fujifilm
Good quality. Used thick material to protect the camera. My fujifilm fits so well. Took 12 days to receive the package which was so fast given it was free delivery. Good value for money. Will recommend it to friends.
its rated 1600mah but it gives less then original 1250mah battery so the 1600mah is not correct. in usage it might be 900 or 950mah max so expect not more then 200 shots per charge
Thank you for shipping quickly. I am satisfied with the quality. However, in the case of a lens with a large diameter, the fingers become a little cramped. (X-T20 & F 1.4 Lens)
thanks for the great grip. one small remark: please try to fill in the nett vallue below the threshold of eur. 22. Now i had to pay Eur. 25 for VAT and administration. Regards, Eelco