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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for yda138
I built it on July 7. Although it is not reflected in the photo of the product on the website, a knob for the potentiometer is attached. I used a smartphone charger as the power source. Next, voltage up converter board using XL6009, raised the voltage 5V to 12V, and supplied it to this board. What I noticed after assembly is that power light (LED) is on the board. I attached the LED on the 5V side, but I needed not to do it. Also, the problem was that the LEFT and RIGHT of the audio output were reversed, but the left and right PHASES were fine. Although It was used YDA138, the sound quality is unsatisfactory. But I think it is very good considering the price of this board. I want to give stars4 for the left and right reverse, but this time I give stars5. I had been worried a little because there was no feedback from other people so far, but there was no problem. I was just about to buy it again, but the price was increased 1 JPY, so 242JPY. That is unfortunate.