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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for you converter mp3 video
I found it Better than the other PC connection version of Ezcap. Recommended for those who have some old gold in cassettes like me. Packaging was good. Contains device, usb cable extension, earphones. Only problem is that the 3.5 mm port doesn’t play when the jack is inserted fully. If half inserted it’s playing mono.
Paldies manam jaunajam draugam youguo wu par sūtījumu. Atnāca ātri, 11 dienas, viss kārtībā, viss OK. Ieliku dažas bildes. Many thanks to my new friend youguo wu for the shipment. Everything is very nice, everything works. I am very pleased. Janis R.
Many thanks for your very prompt shipment. This transaction was simply ... PERFECT ! I'll come back to your "store" in the future. Kind regards from Switzerland. Phil. P.S. Don't forget to make your feedback too !