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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for z6
Had a quick test of this material when it arrived and it looks great. Optimal viewing angle is limited at 20degrees (+/- 0-10degrees from screen center) but the contrast and color are great. At bright scenes, light reflected directly to the viewer sitting dead-center in front of the screen can be too much sometimes. This means that this screen material is good even with ambient light. Highly recommened. Will probably order a bigger one next time.
The screen is very good overall. when sitting directly in front of the screen there is maybe a 20-30 degree viewing angle, outside this angle the screen becomes dark, this is a very very good ambient light rejecting screen. See photo, wall on the left side, screen on the right.
Within the optimal viewing angle the impression is practically a TV (obviously, it will depend on the projector used). But there is a huge gain in brightness, contrast and color. The only downside is that by concentrating the reflection back into the light emitter, the consequence is a limited viewing angle with that brightness, but this is a feature of reflective screens.
Excellent design and quality of products. Really i loved your shoes. You would be my first choice to purchase shoes whenever I would require further. Even I received products within 25 days after confirmation. Shipment was fast and smooth too. Thanks a ton for outstanding products in very reasonable price with extra ordinary service.
Its nice product, i like it and im sure ill deal with this again and again, price is and the product worth it :) it took 34 days till I received it but its ok and im satisfy..