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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for zoome
180 degree lantern illumination feature works well for seeing in tight spots hands free without shining into my eyes. also expected to wait several weeks for shipping to California but arrived in less than 2.
I ordered two CREE Q5 mini flashlights. I tested them with AA rechargeables batteries and they light a long time before the batteries are empty. Also, the build quality seems OK. A good product and seller, I think!
arrived to Israel super fast. Image quality is good (make sure to define it through the app). Rotation speed can be defined. Requires an external SD card. I'm satisfied :) only thing npt matching the description is the company, but who cares..
I choose T6 3B 7135x8. It's great trade-off between power and color. The one I got is closer to 5000 K - simply perfect. It become quite hot at max power, but it was expected and it's worth to be used only when I cycling. Medium level is enough for all other situations, when I need to keep it working for a longer period of time. Great product from the honest seller. You can be sure that's the right choice. Thanks.
This is by far the best binocular I have used it. Product is awesome and seller is also good. Started the process of shipping in a day and have received the product on time