Welcome to the

New AliExpress Homepage

Over the past few months, we have been quietly and patiently working on
a reimagination of the AliExpress.com homepage.
We can now reveal the results of our efforts.

We know you will have some questions—we can’t wait to give you the answers...

Why did we build a new homepage?

We redesigned our homepage to reflect our mission and commitment to our users: Smarter Shopping, Better Living!

Who was the homepage designed for ?

You. Our shoppers are always at the heart of our inspiration, and we believe we have delivered what our users want: a first-class intelligent shopping platform with a universe of products at affordable prices, that puts you at center stage.

How did we do it ?

Very carefully!
We haven’t simply applied a new coat of paint - we asked your opinions, studied your feedback, analyzed your shopping habits and watched you engage with our site. We then worked behind the scenes to expertly craft a destination that you can call 'home'.

We’ve created a Brand New SuperDeals!

Meet a few of our buyers...

Meet a few of our team...

How We’ve Grown

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